Audi A4

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi А4
+ Running gear
+ Regular servicing
+ Engines
+ Turbo-supercharging
+ Exhaust system
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and the fuel pump
+ The air filter and channels всасывания
+ Injection system
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and the main transfer
+ Suspension bracket of wheels and steering
+ Brakes
+ Wheels and tyres
+ The electrotechnical equipment
+ Ignition system
- Illumination
   Illumination check
   Spare lamps
   Replacement of lamps of headlights
   Headlight dismantle
   Check of adjustment of headlights
   Antifog headlights
   Lanterns of forward indexes of turns
   Back lanterns
   Lanterns of illumination of licence plate
   Lantern of illumination of salon
   Lanterns for control panel illumination
+ The alarm equipment
+ Tools and devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ Body details
+ Salon
Search of malfunctions
Technical characteristics

Antifog headlights

Additional installation of antifog headlights

Bought in addition antifog headlights not so well look on smooth body Audi and are not established almost reliably in a proper place. Therefore it is necessary to take the original version and completely to change headlights on same, but with the integrated headlights of a headlight and antifog headlights (details № 8D0941 029B and 8D0941 030В). Are in addition necessary to the relay of antifog headlights (a detail № 431 951 253G) and the original switch for a control panel (a detail № 4D0941 535). Then the case for a socket (a detail № 893971972) is necessary.


  1. Take out blind заглушку in a control panel (near to the switch of antifog lanterns), and also dismantle the switch of back antifog lanterns.
  2. Dismantle at the left under a control panel a reception pocket.
  3. Under the electric scheme in the head the Electrotechnical equipment prepare a set of wires with cases of sockets which corresponds to original electroconducting.
  4. Establish headlights with the integrated antifog headlights, connect sockets.
  5. On a relay support under the central switching knot at the left under a control panel replace a wire crosspiece in a nest 10 with the relay of antifog headlights.
  6. Connect sockets of antifog headlights (the head Tools and devices).
  7. Include, at inclusion simultaneously in addition check up functioning of lay fires, headlights of near and far light.