Audi A4

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi А4
+ Running gear
- Regular servicing
   Installation in a starting position of the indicator of periodicity of maintenance service
   Crossing of dates of maintenance service
   The plan of maintenance service for the motorist
   Diagnostics in workshop Audi
   Diagnostics of an executive element
   Interrogation of a database of malfunctions
   Diagnostics as the help to the fan
   Car identification
   Safety precautions on a workplace
   Greasing of all details
   Check of level of oil
   The oil expense
   Choice of oil with the correct specification
   Viscosity of oil
   Correctly picked up engine oil for Audi
   Replacement of engine oil and the oil filter
   Check of level of a liquid in system сервоуправления
   Check of level of oil in a mechanical transmission
   Check of level of oil in a drive of the back bridge
   The control of level ATF in an automatic transmission
   Check of level of oil in the main transfer of an automatic transmission
   Replacement ATF
   Greasing of draughts, hinges and locks
+ Engines
+ Turbo-supercharging
+ Exhaust system
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and the fuel pump
+ The air filter and channels всасывания
+ Injection system
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and the main transfer
+ Suspension bracket of wheels and steering
+ Brakes
+ Wheels and tyres
+ The electrotechnical equipment
+ Ignition system
+ Illumination
+ The alarm equipment
+ Tools and devices
+ Heating and ventilation
+ Body details
+ Salon
Search of malfunctions
Technical characteristics

Interrogation of a database of malfunctions

Service and in amounts of works on checkup includes reading of a database of malfunctions. Thanks to it the workshop receives the information on possible defects in electronic knots of the car without conversation with the client.

The one who completely takes in hand maintenance service, can refuse this point of work as constantly observes of the car in the course of daily operation – infringements in work would rush to eyes.

On the right: under a small cover (2) near to an ashtray behind in the central console there is a socket (1) to which the device for reading of malfunctions V.A.G 1551 is connected.

At the left: the memory of malfunctions of various blocks of management is read out by this device. At the minimum use of control and measuring devices the fast estimation and diagnostics of the corresponding block of management and its gauges is possible. Besides, by means of this device the information in memory of a memory is erased.