Audi A4

Since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi А4
+ Running gear
+ Regular servicing
+ Engines
+ Turbo-supercharging
+ Exhaust system
+ Cooling system
+ Fuel tank and the fuel pump
+ The air filter and channels всасывания
+ Injection system
+ Coupling
+ Transmission and the main transfer
+ Suspension bracket of wheels and steering
+ Brakes
+ Wheels and tyres
+ The electrotechnical equipment
+ Ignition system
+ Illumination
+ The alarm equipment
- Tools and devices
   Check of control tools and bulbs
   The combined device
   The indicator of quantity of fuel
   The indicator of temperature of a cooling liquid
   Auxiliary devices
   Control bulbs above in the combined device
   Control bulb of a cooling liquid
   Control bulb of level of a brake liquid
   Control bulb of pressure of oil
   Control bulb of indexes of turns
   Control bulbs in devices of the round form (and nearby)
   Control bulb of indexes of turn on the trailer
   Control bulb ASR
   Control bulb of the lock of ignition
   Control bulb of headlights of a headlight
   Control bulb of a pillow of safety
   Control bulb ABS
   Control bulb of a lay brake
   Control bulb of gymnastics of the accumulator
   System of the autocontrol of the car
   The ignition lock
   Check of switches
   Alarm buzzer of illumination
   Cigar Lighter
   Warmed back glass
   Check of screen wipers and windscreen
   The engine of screen wipers
   The help at malfunctions
   Gulf of a liquid for washing of glasses
   System of washing of headlights
   Adjustment of a mirror with the electric drive
   The central lock
   window raiser with the electric drive
   Sliding/demountable roof with the electric drive
   Radio receiver
   The aerial on back glass
+ Heating and ventilation
+ Body details
+ Salon
Search of malfunctions
Technical characteristics

The ignition lock

At the dismantled facing of a steering column both secret screws (1 and 2) which fix knot of the switch of the lock of ignition on the lock are visible. By figure "3" the socket connected to knot of the switch is shown.

On the lock of ignition (2) the receiver (1) respondents of the lock of ignition which if necessary makes active blocking of departure of the car takes places.

In this section we will consider electric knot of the lock of ignition. But замкового the mechanism the workshop should carry out repair.

Dismantle of knot of the switch of the lock of ignition


  1. Dismantle facing of a steering column above and below how it is described in section Switches.
  2. Remove a varnish on the press and ослабьте two small secret screws above and below on an arm of knot of the switch of the lock of ignition.
  3. Remove switch knot downwards.
  4. At installation of new knot of the switch track that the pin of management of the lock has entered into dredging on switch knot.
  5. Screw up secret screws and fix their drop of a varnish.

Breakage of the lock of ignition

This description will not make of you the car thief, and essentially will help to continue a trip at defect in the ignition lock. Despite it, the ignition key should be, at least because of presence of the respondent of blocking of departure of the car. Certainly, it also should turn in the lock that it was possible to remove wheel blocking. At defects in the lock of management you should not continue a trip, differently wheel blocking can work during movement.


  1. Dismantle a reception pocket at the left under a control panel (the head Salon).
  2. Disconnect многоштырьковый a socket on the ignition lock. Sockets of wires which should become isolated накоротко, are bared now.
  3. Connect now, for example, a writing paper clip, contacts of one of two thick red wires to contact of a black wire. Thanks to it ignition joins.
  4. For engine start make to itself the isolated second crosspiece of a wire which incorporates in the beginning to a red/black wire.
  5. The second crosspiece put for an instant to already existing crosspiece, and at once clean, as soon as the starter will get the engine.
  6. The second crosspiece is better for cleaning absolutely, and the first it is good заизолировать that it could not touch the bared details. Powerful short circuit since red wires do not have safety lock otherwise will turn out.
  7. To switch off the engine, clean a crosspiece between a red and black wire.